In addition to our major works we also providing service including essential plumbing , electrical, roofing, joinery and general maintenance

Our maintenance branch have been going for years and during this time we managed to formulate successful way to provide professional maintenance service for basic services for any property , this includes boiler service, gas safety certificate, electrical inspection and certification, Under Floor Heating , booster pumps, delta pumps, fire alarms, fireplaces, lifts, ASP or GSP, heat recovery ventilation system, flat roof and gutter inspection, drain cleaning, bathrooms and kitchen fit-out and any other service which house flat or commercial property will require.

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RMB has supplied a vast range of custom made fitted furniture products to a host of contractors, and private clients. All the joinery is factory finished at our workshop prior to installation. We offer our expertise in the design stages based on individual client requirements, and working drawings are provided for approval before the furniture goes into production. Wardrobes , vanity units, kitchens, staircases, windows, free standing furniture, panelings are only some example what we do.

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Our skilled and trained technical staff, as well as our dedication to the most recent technology and services is strong combination. We offers a full array of services to private and commercial sector At RMB we are experienced with the dynamics of your home, business, rental property, perhaps the house you are trying to sell. In all these situations, a well executed job will add value, safety, and comfort to the property.

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We can provide reliable and professional service building or refurbishing most of roofs seen in London skyline . Anything from mineral felt flat roof via GRP, EPDM , clay tiles, slate tiles, zinc, copper, lead to green roof.

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Our expert plumbing and heating service including inspections, certification , repairs, and boilers service . RMB are also available to consult with Professional Engineers and registered architects to determine the most advantageous process to getting the job done.

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